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Hi, my name is Margaret Denmead.

Welcome to my website!

I hope that some of my information will resonate with you or a loved one and that you receive massive value as a result of visiting my website.

I believe that “all of our issues are inside our control and not outside our control as some people believe” we can change when we make new choices everyday for a happier healthier life style. Hypnotherapy can successfully treat smoking, slimming, nail biting, stress, sexual problems, public speaking and confidence, insomnia, shyness and blushing , panic attacks, migraines, guilt feelings,  pre-test nerves and exams, relaxation, fears and phobias including fear of flying, spiders, etc I help people achieve their desired goals while creating the desired changes in their live. we don’t have to be stressed or depressed all the time, a problem shared is a problem halved.

We are now living in a society where people feel more isolated with less communication even with their neighbours. It’s not so long ago that we used to pop in to the neighbours for a cup of coffee and a chat, now a day’s most of us don’t even know who our neighbours are. “if I have a car and it breaks down, I take it to a mechanic to fix it. If I have a pain I go to a doctor or a physiotherapist to help take it away. So it’s about time that we let go of the stigma attached to therapy and realise that if I have an emotional pain, I can go and talk to a hypnotherapist or and it doesn’t suggest that I am “mad”.

 While hypnotherapy has been a successful tool for change for hundreds of years, the public has had, and continues to have many misconceptions about hypnosis, some of which are shared by the medical profession.


 So let’s simplify a definition of hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a method of boring your conscious mind so that it relaxes and stops thinking. At this point your subconscious mind is especially receptive to suggestions. It is your subconscious mind that responds to suggestions, whether positive or negative, and causes those suggestions to manifest themselves in your life.


  What can we compare the conscious and subconscious mind to? 

The subconscious mind can be compared to the hard drive of a computer. The hard drive stores all of the files and programmes, while we can’t see them we know that they are there. The subconscious stores all of our life experiences, patterns and behaviours. We must decide whether these programmes are serving a useful purpose or whether we should just replace them with something more useful or delete them altogether. Every individual is different and we all have different programmes (problems) on our hard drive (subconscious) we can access the hard drive (subconscious) through  therapy i.e. hypnosis, psychotherapy, N.L.P etc. and change these programmes by either deleting them or finding the root cause of the problem or symptom and remove it, thus giving a lasting release. So whether it’s a trauma that you are releasing, or merely situations or problems in your life that you need to resolve I am the person that you should talk to, and if you are ready to become smoke free for good, Hypnosis makes it easier to quit as it removes the desire and need to smoke, and usually after one session, most people will feel confident and determined that they can and will achieve their goal.

I have combined the very best of traditional Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (N.L.P) which gives my stop smoking programme an extremely high level of effectiveness. I also feel that you can programme your mind to lose weight and slim your body. N.l.P can help you find a way to change what food means to you on a deep subconscious level, so that your automatic response relating to food can change, otherwise you will go back to your old ways and put the weight straight back on again. N.l.P will completely re-pattern your thoughts, attitudes and beliefs about yourself, your health and food, to help you get control of your diet and lose weight. When you change your attitude to food you change your whole outlook on life. So if you chose to change your outlook on life and are willing to release you’re suffering and mental anguish, as every symptom has its cause. Analytical therapy will get to the  root cause of the problem, remove it and release the symptoms.

 For more details about my products or services or if you want to make an appointment to see Margaret.

You can contact me on my mobile at 086 8394162

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