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I love to work with everyone who wants to learn how to be in charge of their own mind.


After all if we are not in control of our thinking something or someone else is!!! whether it’s an addiction or habit if there is anxiety, over indulgence or self-sabotage involved, its effecting our peace of mind and needs to be addressed.

For all of us there comes a time when we decide “enough is enough” and when that happens we find the strength and courage within to change our lives. Some people wait until life becomes overwhelming to change, while others notice habits, patterns and behaviours that no longer work and seize the opportunity to find peace of mind as they look outside the box to find new solutions.


Fear of uncertainty is the main reason why we don’t deal with our issues. While some issues are very painful to look at, it’s easy sometimes to stay stuck in all our misery than face the fear of the future that is uncertain. As the song says “who knows what tomorrow brings”. The one thing we can be guaranteed is that we don’t know what tomorrow will bring and if we try to control the outcome we will live and make decisions from a place of struggle, stress and fear. Of course you can plan tomorrow’s events but learning to stay in the moment is key, and not engage in all the emotional drama that can often occur when a problem arises. Don’t worry ill teach you how. Consultations are not all about dealing with traumatic experiences as most people believe. I like to teach people how to firstly understand their problem, and then make a plan to find a solution as we look at the pros and cons of all the new alternatives. The best way to problem solve is from a place of “common sense based on what is happening in the moment”.

Over the years I have successfully treated thousands of patients suffering from a multitude of conditions such as

Pain Control




Fear Of Driving


Creativity Inhibitions




 Decision Making



 Wedding Nerves

 Limb Loss





 Fear of Flying



 Public Speaking


Emotional Problems

 Fear of Uncertainty






 Couple Mentoring



 Fear of Cancer

 Dentist Phobia

Sport Motivation

 Loss of Control


Survivors of Childhood abuse

 Fear of Success

 Bed Wetting for Adults

Addictions & substance Abuse

Limiting Beliefs

 Fear of Failure




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