What is N.L.P? (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

N.L.P will help you to understand yourself and others by looking at your life subjectively with all its trials and tribulations. it will show you how you act and react creating either pain or pleasure.

Life is about choice, even though at times when you are stuck in confusion it doesn’t seem that way. There is no such thing as “failure” only action and consequences, because when you take responsibility for your actions you will learn from the consequences whether they are positive or negative, working for you or against you. The one thing you do have is “choice” and if you don’t like something in your life you can choose again, by just looking outside the box from a different perspective and always looking for the positive no matter how bad it seems.

The mind is made up of the conscious and unconscious and we are all born with the same neurology, with about 2 million pieces of information coming in every second, the conscious mind can only deal with between five to nine pieces of information at any given moment, so it processes this information through the five senses.

Visual    –        Through our visual senses we see and use our imaginations
Auditory   –      When we use our auditory senses we use our senses of hearing  and speaking.
Kinaesthetic –  Our kinaesthetic senses are touch and inner feelings.
Gustatory  –     Gustatory is using your sense of taste
Olfactory        Our sense of smell

So how does the subconscious mind filter this information?

It filters the information that we require in any moment through our thoughts, the language that we use, our feeling and the actions that we take.  What is important to realise is that we do have a choice as to how we use that information. Every person has all the resources needed to achieve their desired outcomes. we can either use it through negative reactions or uplifting responses.when we train the mind to filter out the negatives we make more room for peace of mind.

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