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You can Quit Smoking in 1 session without having to suffer Symptoms of Withdrawal or Fear that you will Gain Weight!

When you tell the mind that it can’t have something, it goes into Famine Brain and sooner or later it will find a way to get it. When you tell it that it must do something, the internal response is often one of rebellion or resistance.

So telling the mind that it must quit smoking will automatically bring up emotions of anxiety which is one of the main reasons why people remain smokers.  

Here is why?

 Your success or failure with quitting will depend on how good or bad your past associations were with your quitting experience. Habits are formed by repetition and if you repeatedly programme your mind over and over again to let yourself off the hook every time you try to quit, then you will form the habit of letting yourself off the hook every time you try to quit. You will attach the “what if I fail again” anxious or angry emotions that are often attached to your habit of quitting.  

Here is one of the illusions of a smoker!

Most smokers fear that they will not be able to handle the anxious stressed feelings that they have experienced when they TRIED to quit in the past.

 Here is the thing!

Smokers who suffer with stress are usually stressed with or without a cigarette, so smoking is just adding extra stress to an already stressed person. When you book a consultation with me I will help you recognise and deal with all your illusions and negative thinking about your smoking habit, so that you can finally become free of a habit that has robbed you of your peace of mind!!!!



Here are some Statistics worth knowing!

Statistics from the National Tobacco Control Office

    23.5% of men reported being smokers in comparison to 20.5% women

    Almost 50% of smokers are aged between 25 and 44   years

    17.2% of smoker are aged 55+ years.

    2.2% of the smokers were less than 18 years of age.

    One in eight 15-17 year olds reported smoking. 

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